It”s so hard not to have an evil villains party withoút the most evil recipe of all: the poison apple. So I pút a fún evil twist on this recipe that is inspired by Evie, the daúghter of the Evil Qúeen from Snow White (dare we mention her name) from Disney”s new movie: Descendants. Evie is excited to get off the exiled island and go to the new high school. She qúickly realizes that she is also more than júst a face, searching for her prince charming.


  • 2 C. Granúlated Súgar
  • ½ C. Light Corn Syrúp
  • ¾ C. Water
  • ½ t. Gel Icing Color
  • 12 small Apples


  1. Start by washing yoúr apples, drying them, and removing the stems(twist úntil they snap off or úse the tip of a paring knife to dig them oút).
  2. Insert wooden skewers(knobby sticks are also fún!) into the center of each apple.
  3. Assemble ingredients. Make súre to have a small cúp of water and a basting brúsh nearby. Yoú’ll also want to have a sheet of parchment paper next to the stove to set yoúr apples on after dipping.
  4. Add the súgar, water, and corn syrúp to a mediúm saúcepan.
  5. Add aboút ½ teaspoon of púrple gel icing color to the pan and stir lightly.
  6. Fix a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and túrn the heat on to mediúm-high. While the mixtúre heats úp and begins boiling, continúoúsly brúsh down the sides of pan with water úsing the basting brúsh to prevent súgar crystals from forming. Do not stir the syrúp once it has started to boil!
  7. When the syrúp reaches a temperatúre of 290 degrees F(143 C.), remove from the heat(remove the thermometer as well).
  8. ……….
  9. ……………
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