The Best Way to Make Perfect Simple Chewy Popcorn Balls

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Simple Chewy Popcorn Balls.

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Simple Chewy Popcorn Balls You can cook this recipe using 4 ingredients and 10 steps. okay don’t waste time, simply go ahead Here is how you cook it. .

The Thing You Need to Make Simple Chewy Popcorn Balls

  1. Prepare 1 cup of karo light corn syrup.
  2. Prepare 2 packages of kettlecorn.
  3. You Require 1 cup of sugar.
  4. You need 7 dash of food colouring (optional).

Step to Make Simple Chewy Popcorn Balls

Ready to cook? Here’s what you need to do :

  1. Make both bags of kettlecorn. Get out a large bowl and fill it with both bags of the kettlecorn..
  2. Get out a medium pot and set the burner on medium heat..
  3. Add in your corn syrup first, then your sugar..
  4. Don't mix the sugar and corn syrup until half of the sugar has dissolved. If you would like, you can now add the food coloring. Once that's done, keep mixing until it begins to boil..
  5. Once it begins to boil, you can let it boil for about 45 seconds for a more chewy popcorn ball or 1 and a half minutes for a harder popcorn ball..
  6. Remove from heat and pour slowly into the bowl of kettlecorn and mix it in as you are pouring. Immediately begin mixing quickly when done pouring. Mix the kettlecorn and corn syrup/sugar solution well. WARNING: It will be very hot! Be careful!.
  7. Continue mixing for a couple minutes, until it begins to get slightly hard and is cool enough to mold into balls. Be careful not to let it cool too much or it will be too hard to form into balls..
  8. Take a handful of the kettlecorn and form it into a firm, compressed ball. Repeat this until you run out of kettlecorn..
  9. Let the popcorn balls cool on a plate spaced far enough apart that they don't touch one another. Until they become less sticky, pick them up off the plate frequently so that they don't stick..
  10. Enjoy!.

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